Quick Change Artists perform in Magic Show in Cairo - Egypt - April 2010

Keelan and Charlotte the Costume Change Artists were delighted to be invited back to Cairo to perform for Events Plus in their second Magic Show in Cairo. The Quick Change Artists performed at the first ever magic show in Cairo organised by the same company last April which was a fabulous show and they were fortunate enough to meet some legends of magic

The second Magic Show was scheduled to be held in December, and the Quick Change Act were disappointed when they were informed that the show had been cancelled due to the Swine Flu outbreak. Government regulations had banned all large scale public events to reduce the risk of the infection spreading. Keelan and Charlotte were informed that the show would be postponed until 2010.

Thankfully when the dates had been decided for the shows in 2010 – Keelan and Charlotte were not already booked like some of the other acts that were due to appear in the show who were forced to pull out of the show. The Cairo Magic Show was sponsored by Mobinil and of the 6 shows the Quick Change Artists were performing in, 2 of these were booked out by clients and employees of the Mobile Phone network. The other 3 shows were open to the public through ticket sales and the sixth show was a charity event that was held for 1500 Egyptian orphans who were invited to come and watch the show for free.

The Egyptian crowd are very appreciative audience and responded well to all of the acts. The Quick Change Artists were closing the show with their spectacular Costume Change Act. Opening the show was German Magician – Tim Marc, followed by Comedy Magician – Michael Finney, then expert manipulator Danny Cole from the USA, then Scottish Dark Comedian Magicians – Barry and Stuart. The entire cast of entertainers were a wonderful group and everyone had a fabulous time.The Cairo Magic Show was really well marketed and there were TV and Radio Adverts and large bill boards all over Cairo advertising the show.

Overall a very successful production show which hopefully will continue to bring the magic to Cairo, Egypt next year as well!