Quick Change Artists perform for National Indian Cricket - Mumbai - India - April 2010

A very quick and last minute trip came up for International Costume Change Artists Keelan and Charlotte, as they were invited only several days prior to the event to perform at a prestigious event in Mumbai. They did not know who they were performing for until they reached Mumbai earlier this month. Upon arrival they were told they would be performing for the Indian Cricket Team. Seeing as Cricket is India’s number one sport it was the equivalent of performing of the England Football team!

The event was held in a 5* Hotel in the centre of Mumbai and the Dress Change Artists were the only International Act but did get to perform alongside one of India’s most talented musicians. It was a real honor for the British Quick Change Artists to perform for the Indian Cricket Team, who they got to meet after the performance. They were a fantastic crowd and the event was a private one sponsored by a telecommunications network. The Quick Change Artists stayed one night in Mumbai before jetting back to London to catch their next flight to Cairo.