Quick Change Artists perform for thousands at Indian Cement Plant

Quick Change Artists – Keelan and Charlotte return to India yet again, to perform for one of the largest cement companies in India. Shree Cement were holding 2 private events for their clients and invited employees.

The first of the two events was held at the cement plant itself and 20,000 employees were invited to watch the spectacular event. The show was comprised of 3 international acts, as well as Bollywood singers and Dancers and the winners of India’s Got Talent. The Quick Change Artists were excited to perform for such a large crowd – the equivalent ofa music concert. Their amazing costume change show was very well received by the large crowd.

The second show was a much more intimate affair – being held in a 300 seat theatre. This show was mainly for the clients of Shree Cement and was invited guests. Keelan and Charlotte had a great time performing in India and got to meet some other International artists while out there. The trip co-insided with the Indian festival of colours. The quick change act which is full of bright colours and changing costumes was a perfect warm up for the eve of the colours festival and very well received by the theatre crowd.