Quick Change perform for Samsung in Oman - Oman April 2011
Quick Change performs for samsung in Oman

After an absolutely gruelling week, the Quick Change Artists head to Oman for the final show of the week. Starting in Vienna, then back to the UK, then to Kuwait and onto Oman with about 7 connecting flights in between, they finished the week on a high.

Oman was such a beautiful country and the agents and clients were among the best in the business as organisation was done to perfection and the Quick Change Artists had a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Oman.

They were working for Samsung and the event was held in a luxury resort on the coast. The event was to celebrate some new changes to the SMART T.V range from Samsung so the client loved the idea of quick change. Guests were invited from all over the Middle East to watch the presentation and enjoy the show and dinner.