Quick Change perform for 11 000 at the Forever Living Rally - Vienna - April 2011
Quick Change in Vienna

Keelan and Charlotte, International Quick Change Artists, were delighted to be invited to perform at their biggest European show to date. For multi-level marketing company - Forever Living. It was the company's World-Wide Rally which was held in Vienna Arena and celebrated the success of the company as a whole as well as individuals and individual countries. The company gave away over £6 million Euros on the rally weekend in prize money to staff.

The arena was packed with 11,000 guests from all over the world who were absolutely loving the ambience of the arena and the excitement could be felt on stage.

The show was very quirky including a giant Cuckcoo clock and plenty of mime artists, as well as canons exploding confetti everytime someone received a bonus cheque so the quick change act fitted in perfectly with the high energy, bright coloured extravaganza!

The Quick Change Artists received and amazing welcome and the crowd went crazy for the dress changes especially the final dress which was branded with the "Forever Living" logo.

The performance was faultless and gave such a massive buzz to the artists to perform in a venue so huge with such an excitable crowd.