30 Quick Change Shows in Dubai - Jan 11
Quick Change snoed in

2011 got off to a brilliant start for Keelan and Charlotte, Quick Change Artists, after a busy December, they took Christmas and New Year off to spend some time at home after such a busy 2010, but as the New Year came in they got asked to perform 30 shows in Dubai over a period of 10 days for the Shopping Festival held every year in Dubai.

This was a gruelling schedule for the Quick Change Artists who usually only perform once, ocassionally twice in one day due to the labour intensive reset of the act.

However, this set of shows was an opportunity not to be missed. The venue was Festival City Mall which is in close to the financial district of Dubai and quite close to the famous Dubai Mall.

The Quick Change Artists performed their show up to 3 times per day for ten days. At the weekends and late night shopping nights the show attracted up to 5,000 viewers per show and Keelan and Charlotte could spend anything up to 45 minutes after each show taking photos and meeting and greeting with the audience who seemed to absolutely love the show, and it is something that is new to the Middle East in terms of entertainment.

The shows were exhausting for the Quick Change Artists, but they had a great time and it was a wonderful introduction to Dubai and they hope to be invited back to work there again shortly after many initial enquiries after the shows they performed.