Summary of 2007 Quick Change Shows

Summary of 2007 Quick Change Shows

December 2008 - Elektra Awards - The Grovensor Hotel - London

Keelan and Charlotte were invited to perform their Quick Change Act as the after dinner cabaret for the annual Elektra Awards held in London.

November - December 2007  - NCL Jewel - Carribean Season

Keelan and Charlotte were fortunate enough the spend the entire winter season 2007/08 in the Carribean. They covered the majority of the Caribbean islands whilst out there and had an amazing experience with NCL onboard the flagship of the fleet.

October - November - Sea Princess - Transatlantic Crossing into the Carribean Season

After the Baltic Season on the Star Princess, Keelan and Charlotte returned to The Sea Princess to take it across from the UK to the Caribbean to begin the winter season over there. The crossing is many days of nothingness at sea but good for relaxing or rehearsing. The Sea Princess visited many smaller Caribbean islands, which proved to be alot of fun and didn't experience on larger ships with many many passengers.

June - September 2007 - Star Princess - Baltic States

Keelan and Charlotte were given a larger ship for their next contract which proved to be a lot of fun and they spend the summer season in the Baltics States with included visits to Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallin, Gdansk, and Oslo. They performed their main 45 minute show once per 12 day cruise and the rest of the time was their own.

May - June 2007 - Sea Princess - The Med Season

Keelan and Charlotte's first cruise ship experience got off to a rocky start as the first cruise they board ended up being cancelled due to engine problems with the ship, and this resulted in a lot of angry passengers and the ship not leaving Southampton. The cruise was cancelled and Keelan and Charlotte were sent home for 10 days, and returned later on after the ship was fixed to begin their cruising career, alot wiser than when they first stepped onboard. They spend the first 2 months in the Med on the Sea Princess ship.

February 2007 - British Magic Championships - Blackpool Opera House

Keelan and Charlotte were absolutely delighted to be awarded 1st place Grand Prix Winners which is the highest award any magician can be given in the UK after entering the British Magic Champions. After endless rehearsing and preparing, all their hard work paid off and since winning this title their Quick Change Act popularity has exploded across the globe.