Quick Change Artists Tour South Africa - Sept/Oct 2010

Keelan and Charlotte the International Quick Change Artists were very excited to be asked to spend 6 weeks in South Africa, touring the country as part of the entertainment for an insurance group's conference.

Initially apprehensive about going to South Africa, their worries soon faded as it was obvious they were in superb hands in a very beautiful country early on into the trip.

During the 6 weeks, the Quick Change Artists performed 11 shows all over South Africa including Jo'Burg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth to name a few for the brokers and sales personnel for Momentum insurance Company. As the closing act of the conference, Keelan and Charlotte were on the bill with a Laser/Violin act and La Vu Vu Zela - a girl band who were the official mascotts for the South African World Cup 2010.

At the end of the run of shows, the Quick Change Artists were sad to leave after having such a great time and meeting so many amazing people who they are now delighted to call friends, but hopefully will be able to return to South Africa soon for some more shows.