Quick Change for Mazda - Moscow - Aug 2010

Quick Change Artists – Keelan and Charlotte were delighted to be invited to Moscow by Mazda to perform at the annually held prestigious Moscow Motor Show. Exhibitors from all over the World united in the Moscow Exhibition centre for the event.

The Costume Change Artists were performing their quick costume change routine for the press launch and grand opening of the Mazda stand and were joined by ice skaters and dancers from Moscow to welcome the press and attract attention to the stand.

The ceremony was opened by the ice skaters then Keelan and Charlotte performed their quick change act up to the penultimate change and then the dancers performed and the quick change artists closed the show with Charlotte's final dress change in front of the popular Mazda MX-5 car to reveal the Mazda logo on the final dress.

The international entertainers spent an extra day enjoying the culture and city of Moscow before heading back to London.