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This website covers everything you need to know about booking Quick Change Artists, Magician and Illusionists, duo Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie. These Quick Change Artists have performed in over 40 countries, for top blue chip companies, heads of state, royalty, television shows and advertisments. In 2007 they won the title of British Magic Grand Prix Champions as well as the title of British Magic Champion of General Magic. This couple combine Quick Change Magic and Dance seamlessly and beautifully and are one of the very few in the world considered as real experts in this field!

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Keelan and Charlotte - 2011 - TV  Showreel!

Keelan and Charlotte have had a very busy year throughout 2011 and are excited about some future projects they have up their sleeve. As of September 2011, this year they have continued to be as popular as ever performing in Shanghai, China for fashion brand Prada, Dubai for a mobile phone giant Du, Vienna infront of 15 thousand people for Forever Living, Oman for Samsung, Kuwait for Zajil, as well as performing on ITV 1's new primetime television show Penn and Teller, Fool Us with Jonathan Ross which proved to be a massive success with the YouTube clip of their act on the show being massively popular around the world. Take a look at the video here on the right

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quick change magicians
Quick Change is the unique art of instant costume transformations from one style and colour of costume to another. The
transformation looks very magical as the change happens with little or no cover. Keelan and Charlotte are highly regarded as experts in this field of transformation.

Their Quick Change Act is very fast paced, interspersed with amazing skillful, magic, illusion and dance. The music has been carefully selected and cleverly edited to appeal to all ages.

The climax of the act never fails to bring the audience to their feet as a shower of silver confetti pours over Charlotte as her dress visually changes from a black and orange dress to a silver ball gown.

This Quick Change act has literally taken Keelan and Charlotte across the globe, performing for Kings and Princes, Heads of State, major blue chip companies and has earned them many industry accolades and awards.


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